A Warm Welcome

Hear ye, hear ye! I have some exciting new to share.

As KJP continues to grow, I’m delighted to welcome the lovely, Laura Yurs onboard. Two years ago, Laura and I met over coffee to talk about photography and have since enjoyed many a brew, market visit, and wander around town together (with cameras, of course). She is one of the sweetest souls I know and I couldn’t imagine a better wedding photog partner.

The following are a few words and images by Laura. Check out her blog to get to know her better. Welcome, friend!


Why are you excited about being on the KJP wedding team?
I’m thrilled to be joining KJP! Kelley and I have such similar vision and appreciate many of the same things in life…simple, but big things: long dinners with friends, fresh flowers, community, growing things (food for her and perennials for me), biking, music, 35mm film, farmers markets, beer, coffee, kale, etc. I love that we have different styles and yet shoot so seamlessly together…the ebb and flow is priceless. We inspire and support one another, but also give each other room to grow independently.

What inspires you while shooting a wedding?
I love weddings for the shared experience. There’s so much happening on the day of a wedding and most of it has nothing to do with the physical location…if you’re quiet, you can see it. Of course, there are the details, the energy of the couple, the ceremony, traditions, music and reception (and maybe some fantastic photo booth action!). Everything, for me, comes back to the shared experience.

What are you excited about today?
I’m excited about new opportunities with KJP, double exposures, street photography in Chicago next weekend, destination weddings, and that I’m getting better on the ukelele.


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